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Will - Owner

Will has been with TWOP for over 12 years.
He started in the industry with bicycle retailing 
at SuperGo where he worked for more than seven years. Will is a former mountain bike racer and triathlete and a one-time Ironman finisher. He's an expert in all areas and can help you with all your cycling needs.

Jeff - General Manager 

Jeff loves spending as much time as he can out on our local trails. He's always shredding the gnar and loves a good rock garden. His interests are all mountain/downhill riding. He also loves to educate and share the beauty of mountain biking with everyone he meets. Jeff is well known for setting KOM's and having them taken away...

Ryan - Service Manager

Ryan is an avid road racer that occasionally plays in the dirt. He enjoys long rides near the beach, or up a mountain pass, and a good post ride adult beverage. He is TWOP's in house fit specialist and Garmin guru. 

Jonathan - Assistant Manager 

Jonathan is an avid road racer and also rides for team MODe. He is the most reviewed member of our team on yelp, and it's not just his good looks and his great technical support that lands him the 5 star reviews, but his outstanding customer service that he brings each and every day. 

Hayden - Sales/Media 

Hayden is a long haired hippy boy from Houston,TX the state of Texas kicked him out after his hair grew to be longer than 6 inches. He has since resided in Southern California where he spends most of his time jammin', surfing, skating, golfing, and on occasion shredding the gnar on the mountains. He's sometimes referred to as Spicoli, with his bitchin' style you can always count on him to show you a good time.    

Julie - Design Team/Sales

Julie loves hanging with her family and going for rides to the local park! When you think of Julie you think of "cool mom" and believe us, she's the bee's knee's. Julie loves going on and off road with her bikes. Shes also one of the lead designers in all of our shop renovations! 

Louis - Race Mechanic 

Louis is a Shimano guru. He worked as a Race-Tech at Shimano for over eight year, traveling the world for pro races and working on professional bikes. He attended Bill Wadel mechanic school and can blow your mind with his knowledge of Shimano products. Louis is a Super Dad and loves taking his Giant TCR-Diz out for fast road rides.

Thomas - Service Writer  

Juan - Sales 

Juan is a Climbing machine when it comes to mountain biking! He never runs out of gas and can always make that extra climb, good luck keeping up with him... He's also a long distance runner at his high school and enjoys a good 10 mile run! Endurance isn't his middle name but it should be because there no stopping this guy, he doesn't even use GU!

David - Mechanic

David has been in the bike industry for almost all of his life. He is a "local" and has been apart of the Laguna RADS since 87'. Mountain biking is his mojo but hes got some of the most rare bikes around! You can usually find him out in Southern Sierra bombing down the mountains and loves riding his stomping grounds of Laguna Canyon. He also loves riding the boardwalks and beaches! 

Tomas - Mechanic

Tomas not Thomas... is our longest running mechanic! He's been at Two Wheels One Planet since 1992! He's super knowledgeable and highly recommended mechanic in all of the Southern California area! He loves working on the oldies, specifically the 80's and 90's bikes. Tomas can fix just about anything you throw at him and is very skilled mechanic, he'll work on your bike once and you'll never want anyone else to mess with it! 

Omar - Mechanic

Tim - Mechanic 

Tim is a mountain bike specialist. He loves building weird and funky bikes. He loves ripping around on his customized  electric mountain bike and has been to Red Bull Rampage a couple of times. He's rocks an awesome mohawk and has the savage attitude to go with it! He once broke some ribs jumping over a couch, that's how gnarly this guy is!